Last day to sign up online!

Walk-in registration accepted on first-come, first-served basis.

Experience an eye opening perspective on the US education system and the application process. Explains the differences between the US education and that of other countries, the Liberal Arts Colleges, what to expect, etc. Learn more about the SAT’s, what makes an application essay stand out and how interviews are conducted. Get to know the facilitators who will share their application experiences or simply their lives in the US.

Date: 23rd  & 24 th July 2011

Time: 9am – 6 pm (Be there by 8:00am for registration)

Venue: Multi-purpose Hall (MPH), Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus (Venue Sponsor)

Fee: RM 20 for both days.

Eligibility: Students Only


Guest Speakers:

Kevin Sim – Resident Counselor, Raffles Junior College

Nathaniel Tan – Interviewer, Harvard University

Dr. Ewe Hong Tat – Educational Counselor, MIT

Joyce Tagal – Interviewer, Yale University

Wan Nadiah – Interviewer, Harvard University


Abhinav Vadrevu – UC Berkeley ’15

Aishwariya Krishna Kumar – Penn ’15

Alwin Tan Wee Giat – UW Seattle ’15

Andy Yong Weng Zhin – Messiah College ’13

Angie Yong Mei Zhin – Messiah College ’14

Azri Azmi – UW Seattle ’15

Brenda Lau – Ohio State ’15

Teng Chan Leong  – Carnegie Mellon ’14

Chan Ying Zhi Bell – UCLA ’15

Charis Loke – Brown ’13

Chen Jing Dao – UW St. Louis ’15

Chew Kwang Liang – Yale ’15

Chew May Chong – Michigan ’11

Chia Jing Min – Sarah Lawrence ’13

Daniel Khaw – Penn ’14

Dinesh Rathakrishnan – Macalester ’14

Elysia Lim – Penn ’14

Erin Chuah Wei Yen – Columbia ’15

Gan Ching Yee – Berkeley ’14

Goh Sue Ann – Barnard ’15

Jason Leong – Penn ’14

Mohammad Hanan – Temple ’15

Hobart Lim – Yale ’14

How Peng Hui – Stanford ’15/ Cambridge ’14

Iswari Nallisamy – Cornell ’14

Jasper Koid – Cambridge, UK ’15

Jian Hao Tan – LSE ’14

John Lee Von Leon – Michigan ’15

Jorene Ooi – Northwestern ’15

Joshua Yee – Carnegie Mellon ’14

Jung Kian Ng – University of Southern California ’14

Kavitalakshmi Chandran – UW Seattle ’15

Lai Voon Hui – UC Berkeley ’14

Lee Yik Lun – Stanford ’14

Lian Jun Yi (Allen) – UC Berkeley ’15

Lim Chip Dong – UW Seattle ’15

Tan May Lyn – UMich ’14

Melwyn Pak – Brown ’15

Nicholas Lau – Furman ’15

Petra Phang – Penn ’15

Reza Abedi – UC Berkeley ’15

Russell Pang – Drake ’15

Serene Chua – Colby Sawyer ’15

Shenn Chong Kae Jiun – Berkeley ’15

Siew Ming Jin – Imperial ’15

Sin Seanne Ng – Mt Holyoke ’14

Tan Wei Zhong – UC Riverside ’15

Tang Yee Jie – Berkeley ’13

Victor Lee Zhi Yu – Lehigh ’14

Xian Hui Ang – Wesleyan ’15

Yeoh Chen Chow – Cornell ’03

2 thoughts on “Last day to sign up online!

  1. Great workshop done. Will definitely attend the next one that is going to be held. I have a litlle request here. Can I have the powerpoint slides that were used during the workshop. My email add is wanqin93 [at] gmail [dot] com. thanks anyways. had a great time there.

  2. Hi everyone! It’s been a very inspiring workshop, and good job to all the facilitators!

    I would like to ask, is it possible for us to get a copy of the slides on that day?
    It will be awesome since there’s so many information in it. 🙂

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