Ask your question here and the frequently-asked ones, would be answered here, since this is Frequently- Asked Questions (FAQ) section! 🙂

All we can say for now is…

We teach, you fish!

More coming up soon!

1. Does this workshop guarantee my admission into Ivy League?

  • Nope. We do not guarantee. And we don’t think that anyone could. The admission into Ivy League is a very tough process. What we hope to do is to guide you, so that you are better prepared.

2. Would you write our application essays?

  • Nope. We are teaching you how to fish, but you have to fish yourself.

3. Are you guys the authoritative people from admission office?

  • We are not. We are just a bunch of people who have worked hard over the years, and managed to go through the process and get the offer into Ivy League, Ivy Standards or Top Liberal Arts College. There maybe 5 to 20 of us there sharing.

4.Is this workshop going to guarantee my SAT score increase?

  • Nope. SAT won’t be our emphasis. We would spend about 90-120 minutes sharing you on a bunch of hot tips on SAT, and also potential resources that you can use. But you have to work hard for your SAT.

5. Is this workshop profit-driven?

  • Nope. Read our About section.

6. How to sign up?

  •  You can now sign up here.

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