Advisers & Organizers


Jason Leong Chong Beng
Jason is currently a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a candidate for the Bachelor of Arts in Economics and is planning to minor in Statistics and Psychology. This will be his third year being involved in the U.S Application workshop – first as an attendee, second as a facilitator and now as an organizer. When he was an attendee, he was compelled and inspired by those who were a part of the workshop, who rendered the workshop ever more eye-opening, thought-provoking and inspiring for him. Having received an offer from UPenn, he came back as a facilitator last year to share his experience with others, in the hope of guiding others to realize their dreams just as how the facilitators during his time inspired him to realize his. Armed with enthusiasm and passion, he has decided to take a step further in reaching out and guiding prospective U.S students by organizing this year’s U.S APPS 2011.

Gan Ching Yee
Ching Yee, a freshman at University of California, Berkeley feels that his experience in the US has expanded his horizon not only in academics, but also in human relationship, creativity and innovation, and anything you can possibly think of. He appreciates his opportunity to take classes outside the field of Chemical Engineering, for he thinks that these classes trained him to look at things at different perspectives and even have some fun!

Ching Yee was an attendee of the USApps 2009 who has benefitted from it and has decided to be part of the team who changed his path for the better, so that future applicants are given the same opportunity to explore the wonders of US education. He is excited to meet this year’s attendees and to share his experiences both as an applicant and facilitator. If you have any question, feel free to contact him.

Lee Yik Lun
Yik Lun goes to a school he’d never heard of before US Apps 2009. He now finds himself challenged, baffled, and at times disillusioned by this place called Stanford. The 2009 workshop exposed him to the so many things an education can mean. He hopes more Malaysians can see beyond the mysterious college application process and find out for themselves how life-shaping a US education can be. He also needs more Malaysians at Stanford to speak Manglish with. Come learn, make friends, and have fun!
Noel Wan Heng Loon

Noel is a freshman at Columbia University. He spends half of his time doing problem sets and reading obscure textbooks in preparation for a double major in physics and mathematics. Like all of us here in the U.S., Noel has known for a very long time that he would thrive in a liberal arts curriculum, but he was enchanted even more with the whole US thing after benefiting tremendously from his first workshop experience as a shy participant with low self-esteem in 2009. He has since been actively advocating U.S. education — but as much as he wants to facilitate U.S. Apps 2011, he also needs to return to New York in July to finally realize his childhood dreams that brought him 10,000 miles away from his beloved home and family. So feel free to e-mail him questions about U.S. education, Columbia or just about anything!

Hobart Lim Zi Ying

Hobart’s first foray into the world of USAPPS was as an attendee in the 2009 workshop where he was both inspired by the facilitators’ compelling life experiences and success stories while being made to dread the seemingly impossible task of getting admitted into a top US university.  Throughout his journey he made a bunch of very good friends with whom he has shared numerous rants about the application process or the comforting thought that someone else is also cramming out an essay a day before the deadline.  USAPPS gave him one of his most exhilarating and life-changing 5 am experiences and brought him 10,000 miles to his dream school in New Haven where even after one year he is still as baffled and thrilled for this amazing opportunity despite the stress and disillusionment that has naturally set in.  He wants to give back to the community that has provided him so much and the USAPPS project is one such avenue.  As such he welcomes any questions from prospective students about US, the application process or anything at all. 

Currently he spends his free time hunting down “Ho Chiak” Penang food while attempting to procrastinate on TED videos instead of video games.   

. . . . . .
Yeoh Chen Chow
This year, Chen Chow would be taking a back seat, while the other organizers work hard to bring you the workshops! He was involved in the education fairs from 2006-2008 and the workshops for the past 2 years. He is happy that there are a lot more passionate youths, especially those who have benefitted from the workshops or education fairs, to be stepping up and be organizers/facilitators for the workshops.

Professionally, he is working at Groupon Malaysia ( as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to that, he was Product Manager at and Management Consultant for 3 years each. He did his bachelor’s degree at Cornell University, in a lovely town called Ithaca in the upstate New York. He was an alumnus of INTEC (UiTM), Raffles Junior College, as well as Jit Sin High School.
Wong Wun Min
WunMin is a senior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Management Science and double-minoring in Energy Studies and Economics. Getting into MIT was a totally unexpected, yet very pleasant surprise for her, and it could not have been possible without the assistance she received from many kind souls. She was first involved in helping young Malaysians apply to U.S. universities and colleges with Discover U.S. Education 2007, and continues to be actively involved in many similar events thereafter. This year, she is taking a backseat and allowing her amazing successors to run the show.

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