U.S. Apps 2009

Daniel Khaw – University of Pennsylvania ’14. Formerly from UNITEN (Foundation of Accounting and Finance) ’10 & SMK Sri Hartamas ’08:

This 2010 edition of the US Applications workshop is too good a chance to be missed by students who are interested to study in the US. What set this workshop apart from other educational workshops I attended was that many of the facilitators were fellow students genuinely eager to help their fellow juniors. They had fresh personal experience about the application process because they too had gone through the same process. These facilitators were incredibly helpful – taking time off to answer specific questions not only during the workshop, but also weeks and months after the workshop through email and social networking like Facebook. I was really grateful that I could leverage on so many brains and experiences – it was like having a wealth of knowledge and advice on hand! As a facilitator this year, I certainly want to share my personal experiences in the US Application process to help those applying this year. I can safely say that this workshop will be the definitely be the beginning of an incredible US education experience for you!

Gan Ching Yee – UC Berkeley ‘14. Formerly from Taylor’s (A Level) ’10, SM Sri KL ’08 & SMK St. Francis ’06:

USApps2009 was a revelation to me. It was not just facilitators giving talks but was filled with interactive and personal activities. The facilitators were very sincere in sharing their experiences and I could feel the life as a student in US vicariously. I felt connected and was even more determined to apply to the US. They have also guided me in the much dreaded US application process which gave most people second thoughts about applying to US schools. In fact, the workshop has had such a great impact on me that I volunteered to be a facilitator in USApps2010 to share this enthusiasm and experience.

Iswari Nallisamy – Cornell University ’14. Formerly from UNITEN (Preparatory Program for Overseas Universities) ’10 & SMK Dang Anum, Merlimau ’08:

I didn’t know anything about US education before I participated in this workshop.  Thanks to the group of dynamic facilitators, I’ve been guided in all parts of my application, and I never felt alone in this journey. They are all volunteers, so be assured that this is not another money-seeking workshop.  These amazing people taught me to dream big, and to make the dream come true. From a nobody, I can now proudly call myself a Cornellian.  Are you ready for change? Take your first step with us.”

Jason Leong – University of Pennsylvania ’14. Formerly from UNITEN (Preparatory Program for Overseas Universities) ’10 & SMK Sultan Abdul Samad 08′:

If I had to describe the USApps workshop I attended last year in three words, I would describe it as INSPIRING, EYE-OPENING and THOUGHT-PROVOKING. From chatting with Harvard interviewers to hearing success stories, the USAPPS workshop proved to be more than an ordinary lecture for me. I felt that the enthusiasm and liveliness of the facilitators made every bit of the workshop ever more comprehensive and enjoyable. One year ago, I had a dream of studying in an Ivy league and now, that dream has been realised. I am very much grateful to everyone in that workshop who has guided me and this time, I would most definitely be going again to share my experiences with others.

Lee Yik Lun – Stanford University ’14. Formerly from Taylor’s (A Level) ’10 & SMK Bintulu ’08:

Totally a different workshop from the others – you get first hand stories from the current students and alumni of top universities, about not just serious academic issues but also cool little stuffs they had done in the US. The speakers were all straight and honest as they gain no profit from the workshop (No sugar-coated marketing talk!). Before joining it I knew close to nothing about education in the US; after that I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

Noel Wan – Columbia University ’14. Formerly from Taylor’s (A Level) ’10 & SMK (L) Bukit Bintang ’08:

When my friend invited me to USApps2009 last year, I thought I was going to be taught to repeat aloud clichéd motivational chants with effects lasting for not more than two weeks but to my surprise, I heard some of the most inspiring speeches, stories and anecdotes ever given instead (intellectual DotA and counting cows anyone?) – and the motivation to study in the US has never left me since. In short, it is not going to be the conventional teknik-untuk-skor-A workshop; it is going to be, in the words of my friend who invited me last year, an ‘awesome’ workshop.

Oh Coyin – MIT ’14. Formerly from Sunway (A Level) ’10 & Chong Hwa Independent High School ’07:

I was a bit hesitant at first because none of my friends wanted to go. But in the end I decided to pay RM20 and see what the organizers have to say. True enough, I had no regret. The facilitators were very helpful and inspiring; they went all out to help us with our best interests in mind. Whereas the notes taken during the workshop became my bible when completing my applications. I do not see myself going to the States this August had I not attended the workshop. It was really useful. And guess what? I’ll be part of the team of facilitators this year! So come join us, we have something for everybody – no matter who you are and to which country you are thinking of applying. :-)

Pauline Low – University of Michigan ’14. Formerly from UNITEN (American Top Universities Program) ’10 & Convent Sentul ’08:

I have NEVER imagined myself going to the US to continue my tertiary studies until Yayasan Sime Darby offered me a scholarship. I thought I was doing pretty well but later, I realized that I did not. Honestly, I hardly knew a thing about the US education system and I had a hard time comprehending the procedures and the preparation to study in the US but with the help of US Apps Workshop, I have finally made it through.

Teng Chan Leong – Carnegie Mellon University ’14. Formerly from UNITEN (Preparatory Program for Overseas Universities) ’10 & Saint George’s Institution ’08

I never thought that I would some day end up in one of the best universities in the world. An Ivy League or Ivy standard university was more like a dream than a goal. Everything seemed so impossible but I was lucky to have a group of dedicated facilitators who were willing to spare their time to guide me through every step of the process. Now, thanks to USAPPS, I have finally made it to a prestigious Ivy standard university.

These students have obtained admission and have enrolled in these top US universities in August/September 2010.

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