U.S. Apps 2010

More to come soon! In the mean time, check out U.S. Apps 2010 Admit List.

Abhinav Vadrevu – Berkeley’15. Currently doing A-Levels at Taylor’s College

The most unique thing about the US Apps workshop is that it is done entirely by students and not professionals. It is run by a bunch of people whose primary focus is to share knowledge, and for that reason, the quality of the workshop was top class. It was invaluable to my application process. It is touching to know that this is all being done right here in Malaysia. If you are applying to the States, this is a must-go-for event.

Ai Hui – Cornell University ’15. Currently doing Preparatory Program for Overseas University (PPOU) at
USApps lights the way to the road less taken which leads to a new world full of opportunities that hold no constraint on the search for knowledge. It is definitely time worth spent with people who are willing to share their experience and offer advices on all aspects even after the workshop. You are bound to be enthralled by the tales from abroad.

Aingaran Sivanesan – Waitlisted at Yale ’15.
The US Apps workshop was an amazing resource throughout my application process. It was great listening to speakers relating their own application experience – the sentences they spoke became an invaluable guidance as I went through specific parts of the application process, such as writing personal essays and attending interviews. I also love it that the workshop avoided ‘blanket advising’ on what to do and not to do, and instead encouraged us to “write our own stories” – because each individual’s application experience is really unique!

Alice Huang – Harvard University ’15
The workshop was very informative and comprehensive. I can see that the team put in a lot of efforts and enthusiasm. They are very generous with their help and advice. Besides getting more insight and useful tips in the US application process, the one most valuable thing that I gained from the workshop was hope. Hope that fuels my motivation to dream and persevere.

Allen Lian Jun Yi – UC Berkeley ’15. Currently doing Foundation in Science at UNITEN. Formerly from SMJK Sam Tet, Ipoh, Perak ’09.
Simply put, the US Apps Worshop 2010 was the beginning of my dream to seize a place in a prestigious university in the United States. Before that, I was awfully confused about applying to US universities and I even doubted if I should reach out for the best colleges. Fortunately, I was given the chance to gain information and insights from the speakers and facilitators at the workshop. They were truly awesome people; so diverse were their personality and background, yet together they made great efforts to address all of our doubts and questions. In those two days, I was presented not only with facts and figures, but also inspiring personal reflections and anecdotes from the speakers. The best part is- some of them have eventually become friends with me and they have been inspiring and helpful ever since. Now trust me, I am heading to one of my dream schools and many of you out there can do it too!

Ang Xian Hui – Wesleyan ’15. Did A-Levels at Taylor’s College
Although everything about the university application can be found online, but it is always better to get first hand information from the admits themselves. I attended this workshop twice (in 2009 & 2010) and both times I left the place feeling so inspired and motivated.

Alvin Chak – UC San Diego’15. Currently doing A-Levels at Taylor’s College
This workshop is highly recommended for future students to the US of A. Insight and experience was tremendously helpful during my application process. Organizing team and helpers were top notch. You’ll never regret.

Aishwariya Krishna Kumar – UPenn’15. Currently doing PPOU at UNITEN
For someone as clueless as I was last year, the workshop was heaven-sent! It helped me understand:
a) What I had to do
b) When I had to do it by, and
c) What the universities were looking for
The speakers too were super helpful, they gave all the attendees insight on how to pick the perfect essay topic, teacher evaluations, choosing the right universities, etc. I even stayed in touch with some of them (definitely handy when you need advice at 2 a.m. in the morning). So, a big ‘Thank You!’ to them and the organizers. I’m dragging my brother to this year’s workshop for sure. =D

Azri Azmi – University of Washington, Seattle ’15. Currently doing Foundation in Computer Science at UNITEN.
There’s more than just SPM to get into the top universities in the US, and the US Apps Workshop is just the thing that can help you find out more. Believe me, my friends and I experienced this workshop and will be hoping to see you in the US in the near future!

Ching Fang – Currently doing A-Levels at Taylor’s College ’11.
The US Apps workshop was definitely one of the most helpful resources for me during my application process. I love the fact the workshop catered primarily to Malaysian students like me who were sometimes lost and helpless during the process. Apart from being super nice, the people who organized the workshop were really helpful and supportive too! Also, you were already beginning to make friends even before you go! Thank you so much and I would definitely recommend anyone who wishes to apply to the USA to join the workshop!

Darren Voon – Currently doing A-Levels at Taylor’s College ’11. Formerly from Catholic High School ’09

The workshop was really comprehensive and motivating. You’ll meet up with hundreds of other people with the same greatest dreams and many others who were fortunate enough to have realized them, all willing to share and show you the path they took. Anyone who has the slightest thought of studying in US should definitely attend this workshop. By the way, NEVER do anything last minute, you will regret it for the rest of your life, no kidding.

Isaac Kuek –
Currently doing PPOU at UNITEN
I’d never imagined the workshop to have been an eye opener and an inspiring session with Malaysia’s best minds, all working together and gearing for top level education. Little did I know what was in stored for me when I first signed up for the US Apps workshop in 2010 in Klang Valley. After 48 hours later, my perspectives were changed and my knowledge broadened. Indeed, the team of facilitators brought together were both inspiring and knowledgeable, leaving a trail of hope for all those who are applying for US universities!

Jasper Koid – Caltech Admit. Currently doing A-Levels at Concord College, UK.
If you’re serious about studying in US, this is one workshop that you shouldn’t miss. As only one of the few that apply to US from my college, I went through much trouble researching myself for months and thought that this workshop would be repetitive – but no. We were even given the luxury to meet our potential interviewers and to talk to admission officers. I also made friends with many like-minded people and amazing facilitators – how better can it be?My senior(Coyin) inspired me to apply, and though I am not lucky enough to follow her footsteps (yet!), I sincerely hope that you would realize your dream with the great assistance from US Apps!So, come join us 😀

John Lee – University of Michigan, Ann Arbor ’15. Currently at International Education College (INTEC) ’11. Formerly from Klang High School ’09
I received an invitation from a friend of mine about the USApps workshop about a year ago and at that time, we had just settled down for about a month or so at International Education College. I had thought that the USApps2010 will be just another one of those boring talks that try to cram lots of facts into your brains but I decided to give it a try. I never regretted making that decision. I left the workshop feeling inspired and a whole lot more knowledgeable about the intricacies of the US applications. Curriculum vitae, letters of recommendation, counselor statements are things that most Malaysia have never heard of in their lives and yet, it was explained clearly during the workshop. In addition, the knowledge I gained from the workshop is not limited to what I have heard in those two days. Many of the facilitators actually put aside their time in the middle of their studies months after the event to answer questions and assess application essays. If you ever have any doubts about setting aside two days for this event, DON’T! Those two days are seriously worth your time.

Jorene Ooi – Northwestern University’15. Currently doing Preparatory Program for Overseas Universities (PPOU) at UNITEN
What I love most about the workshop was that I got the opportunity to talk to people who went through the same application process. I got to know first-hand anecdotes, helpful tips, and honest advice that I wouldn’t get off some random website or book. I especially liked the session about life in the United States – the facilitators were candid and I definitely learned a lot about US culture from them. Also, the workshop provides an invaluable chance to network with Malaysians studying in the US. Another big plus! Overall, I feel that the workshop was more than worth the small fee I paid, and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who wants to study in the States.

Kanees Kalaichelvan –
Currently doing Preparatory Program for Overseas Universities (PPOU) at UNITEN
It was very helpful, especially the parts detailing the CommonApp process as well as the essays and personal statements. I had a great time, met some wonderful people and yeah it taught me so many things.A definite must for anyone who’s serious about going to the U.S, even for those who are unsure about where they want to go.

Kavitalakshmi Chandran – Washington, Seattle’15. Currently doing foundation at University Tenaga Nasional
The USAPPS program that i joined last year was a good platform for me to apply to the school that i am interested in. When I was wondering what am i going to do for my application process since it is a difficult process, the facillitators assisted me in the application process. Some of them were also willing to help me even when the programme was over.I hope that in the future i will be able to help all the future students who are going to apply to the us

Kwang Liang – Yale University ’15. Currently
doing A-Levels at Methodist College ’11. Formerly from SMK Kepong ’09
Things went infinitely wrong for me after SPM. I didn’t manage to secure even one scholarship. And I thought my dreams of going to the US would be gone just like that. But my senior in UC Berkeley still encouraged me to “apply and think later”, he told me about USApps, and I decided to give it a try. In retrospect, I am so grateful that I heeded his advice. USApps was incredibly helpful to me, and I’m sure it would be the same for any other US university hopefuls. The facilitators were very cooperative, and even after the workshop ended, they would still willingly help you proofread your essays. USApps provides a comprehensive demystification of the entire US application process (which, I can assure you, is extremely complicated.) What can I say? I got into my dream school. Truth be told, I most definitely did not expect to end up in my dream school one year ago – it was a completely chimerical dream. And I can say with absolute certainty – I definitely couldn’t have gotten in on my own.

Mayuri Mei Lin – Currently doing ADP at HELP University College
This workshop was definitely an eye-opener. I learnt a tremendous amount! The facilitators were excellent and the overall content was brilliant. I recommend this workshop to those who’re planning to transfer to the States without hesitation. Serious badassery.

Melwyn Pak – Brown University’15. Currently doing ACTP at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN)’11
This workshop is different because it presents itself as an opportunity rather than lecture or a rigmarole information session. Attending this workshop provided me the first-hand insight into the applications process to US universities and with the information provided by current and past students themselves, there is no other better source to seek advice and information from. What I would highlight is not the actual workshop itself but the people that run it. Attending this workshop is not just about staring in awe of people who got into top universities or their dream colleges,its about making friends with people who share the same vision of pursuing an education in the United States. The fact that many, if not all, of the facilitators go beyond the call of duty by attending to questions and queries by email or Facebook posts suggests that they really would love to help you pursue an American education. It’s been a year but I still continue to benefit tremendously from this workshop; not just from the truly enlightening information sessions but also from the contacts I made during it.

Ming Jin – Currently doing A-Levels at Taylor’s College ’11. Formerly from Klang High School ’09
There’s a saying which goes like this, ” Google, is your best friend”. Yes, Google has been my best friend ever since I first use the Internet. However, when it comes to application to US universities, there are a lot of advices, tips and hints which are not easily found through seach engines. These should come from those who have experienced US education and its application process. Encouraged by my seniors, Yik Lun, Noel and Ching Yee, I signed up for the USApps 2010 workshop. Despite already knowing some of the dos and don’ts in the application process, I had learned more through the workshop. It was definitely an eye-opening experience. Having to cram in the lecture theater, sit on the aisle, pay RM 20.00 for the 2-day workshop, laugh at 2014 facilitators being “knock out” by ball, were some of the things which I experience last year. I strongly urge future applicants to attend this workshop, and always be sure to keep in touch with them. They not only provide a 2-days workshop, but also answers to your questions through emails, for free. The whole workshop, through the facilitators’ abilities and achievements, had given me the chance to know what it takes to be admitted into US Universities. They are not looking for string of As, but “promises”, such as leadership, volunteerism, initiatives,passions, which are way beyond academic and SAT numbers.

Mohammad Hana Che Mohammad Ismal – Temple University’15. Currently doing ADFP at UNITEN’11
I never thinking of pursuing my studies to the United States, my previous life is totally different. From someone who belong to the group that the society despise to someone to the society concerned and thus, making friends and family proud. The personal statement really make me know my self better. I never thought that something bad that I’ve done in the past will be something that I will write in the application essay. Well its something related to Yamaha, I hope you people can figure it out what I mean.

Pratik Raghu – Westminster College in Salt Lake City’15. Did IB Diploma Programme at Sri KDU IB World School
I would advise anyone and everyone interested in applying to American universities to attend these workshops: you will learn virtually everything you need to know!

Phui Yi Kong – Currently doing IB at Mahindra United World College, India
I learnt that it’s not all about the accomplishments, it’s about the getting the right fit from some passionate people

Reza Abedi – Currently doing A-Levels at Taylor’s College ’11
Wowee, the process of applying to the US was tough (for me at least), but I was really lucky to have met the awesome facilitators at the USApps workshop. They were most generous in sharing their experiences, preparing us for the horror that is essay writing and demystifying some misconceptions we had about the whole application process. As if that wasn’t good enough, there were even alumni from HYP who came to share with us some tips for the interview. Overall, I couldn’t have made it this far without the workshop and the continuous support of the facilitators. Give it a try, you have nothing to lose!

Ruby Manyi Chan –
Currently doing Preparatory Program for Overseas Universities (PPOU) at UNITEN
This workshop has held the hands of many of us through the journey of applying to US universities in the past year. With well informed and highly passionate facilitators, this workshop enhances and guides US-bound students to understand what it really takes to submit a good application and ultimately make their way to universities all over the United States, finding their perfect fit. These people know what they’re doing! 😉

Serene Chua – Currently doing Edexcel GCE A-Level at Methodist College Kuala Lumpur
Having no expectations prior to the workshop, even in to the first segment, I was sure I had made the right choice attending it. It was enlightening and somewhat encouraging listening to first-hand stories, experiences and advice about applying to the U.S and subsequently, studying in the U.S. For those who know absolutely nothing about the application process and education in the States, this workshop is a must. As for those who know, it would still do good to attend the workshop; hey, a little more information isn’t gonna hurt. Be prepared though cause there’s a lot and I mean A LOT to take in. Definitely a good and worthy experience!
Shenn Chong – Berkeley’15. Completed A-Leves at HELP
The most inspiring and awesome workshop I had ever attended. I’m not going to deliver a harangue but I assure you will get more than what you expect throughout the workshop. (of course in the case that you’re paying attention but not playing fb etc. all the time :P) I joined the workshop last year and I told myself, next year, I was going to be one of the people standing on the stage to help – and yes, I did it. Writing too many essay just messed my life up, but thankfully, there were a bunch of awesome people who were willing to give useful advises and even correct mistakes for me. So come and meet us in this coming July, this is the place for you to find path leading to your dreams.

Stephanie Lock – Currently doing A-Levels at TARC ’11.
First and foremost, a big thank you to all the awesome facilitators who took so much time and effort to prepare such an awesome workshop. Going to the workshop is definitely one of the best decision I made. Not only did it taught me on how to tackle the US applications, I am also inspired by the enthusiasm the facilitators carried with them. Definitely the “must go event” of the year for all the future US applicants!

Sue Ann – Berkeley/Barnard’15. Currently doing Edexcel A-Levels at HELP Academy
One word to describe this workshop : INDESCRIBABLE. Yes this may sound corny as you read it, but I do not kid – and neither do these testimonials. I attended the workshop twice – in 2009 and 2010 (not due to the spirit of kiasu-ness mind you). My sister first introduced me to USApps, and I honestly didn’t have much expectations because well – it’s a workshop. How different or termed ‘AMAZING’ can it be, right?
What differentiated this workshop from the rest was especially the chance to interact with the extremely approachable facilitators that are currently or were students of top universities. I made some amazing friendships, while hearing first-handedly about application experiences and tips that I would never have known if just eating, sleeping and breathing some college guide book. There’s only so much a book can tell you – and that’s where this workshop fits into place. From listening to Ivy League interviewers’ to thoroughly learning the ropes of the application process’s do’s and don’t’s and random funny games slotted in between, the two full days flew past! A common trait I also noticed in everyone after each day in both workshops was that pumped up spirit prevalent – both in the attendees and facilitators themselves.
USApps has encouraged me to reach for my dream schools without fail – but most importantly, making me truly understand the meaning behind this tedious yet worthwhile process, and the importance of “fit”. I’d recommend this workshop to anyone (if you couldn’t guess by now!). So before you deem your probability of getting into a US university impossible, come for the talk and THEN make up your mind. (: Hope to see all of you in USApps2011!

Syarifah Noor –  Currently doing Foundation at Uniten.
This is a great workshop for a kick start ! 🙂

Wern Yi Tan –  Currently doing A-Levels at KBU International College.
6 months later, I still remember the advice of the facilitators with much clarity – Su Ann telling us not to be superfluous in writing, Nathaniel telling us how an interview is like a courting process, Phillip telling us that we only needed our one, perfect fit etc. Even after bringing everything they said out of context, it is still as relevant as ever.My advice: Make the time to go for this workshop.Even though I ended up finding my perfect fit in a UK university, this workshop has helped me in so many ways. For instance, I’m so grateful that this workshop knocked me out of my complacency and (in a way) guided me towards being the best version of myself.Prepare to be inspired!

Yenli Wong –
Currently doing Edexcel A-Levels at HELP Academy.
The US apps workshop was amazing! I learnt so much in a few days and it really opened my eyes to what kind of university experience I wanted. Most of all, the facilitators at the workshop were so helpful! Thank you!

Zi Jing – Did STPM at Kolej Sultan Abdul Hamid ’10

I never thought I would have the strength to persevere through the entire application process, until I attended the workshop in August 2010, where I met a big group of US college students, all full of energy and passion to share their experience. I did STPM, was probably the only person in the class to apply to US, and had no idea where to start. I’m glad that I attended the workshop, because at the workshop I got to learn some application “tips” (e.g. essay topics, financial aid) which I found very helpful.In a way, I was moved into applying to the US colleges by the facilitators, so to them, I want to say “thank you very much”. And to prospective applicants, I strongly recommend this workshop to you; I assure you that you’ve got nothing to lose by attending.

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