Penang Half-Day Workshop

We acknowledge that there are students outside the Klang Valley who are interested in studying in the US. Instead of coming to us, we now bring you the Penang counterpart of the half-day workshop. It is an overview of the US education system, ranging from the introduction of what Liberal Arts Colleges are to how the education in US differs from that of other countries, such as Malaysia, UK, Australia, Singapore, etc. Get to know the life in different parts of the US and various types of school from a diverse group of facilitators.

Date: 9 th July 2011

Time: 2pm – 6pm (Be there by 1pm for registration)

Venue: Kompleks Cahaya (Dewan Kuliah 2), Universiti Sains Malaysia, P.Pinang (Venue Sponsor). Map:

Fee: Free

Eligibility:  Students, parents, teachers and school counselors


Adelyn Yeoh – Mt. Holyoke ’15

Chen Chow – Cornell ’05

Daniel Khaw – UPenn’14

Dinesh Rathakrishnan – Macalester’14

Grace Wong – UChicago ’15

Hobart Lim – Yale’14

Jason Leong – UPenn ’14

Jorene Ooi – Northwestern ’15

Lee Yik Lun – Stanford’14

Monica Ashwini Lazarus – Washington-Seattle ’15

Ng Jung Kian – University of Southern California ’14

Ng Sin Seanne – Mount Holyoke College’14

Philip Loh – Olin’13

Tan Luo Yi – CMU ’14

Tan May Lyn – UMich’14

Teng Chan Leong – CMU ’14

Teoh Zi Jing – Undecided ’15

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